Although Josh Baran is often engaged primarily as a senior consultant, he has a team of veteran communication associates that he calls on as needed. They serve as strategists, advisers, but also in such capacities as media professionals, trainers, branding experts, and social media mavens, and video producers.

Scott Tillitt / Antidote Collective

Strategist, publicist, marketer, social entrepreneur, nonprofit leader, writer, Scott has 20+ years of experience and a broad perspective promoting ideas, products and services in various culture-shaping (and sometimes suffocating) worlds — advertising, media, interactive design, photography, technology, television and fashion.

Some years ago, catalyzed by 9/11 and an ongoing process of spiritual and social awakening, he broke the trance of an increasingly cynical consumer culture and started applying his corporate-honed skills to social impact. Since 2003 he's worked on a number of PR and communications projects with Josh Baran.

Jason Byers / Branding and Creative advertising

Jason is an award-winning advertising creative with 15 years of experience. He got his start writing entertainment copy for a wide variety of some of the biggest motion picture and television properties such as True Blood, American Hustle, The Terminator franchise and Glee. In recent years, Jason has expanded to traditional advertising. From naming companies such as to broader creative marketing consulting for brands varying from The Daily Beast to Microsoft, he remains to committed to engaging audiences across the country.

STEPHEN Kent / KentCom / Media Relations

Steve is the president of KentCom LLC, a public interest and public policy PR practice he founded in 1988. It serves global, national, regional and community-based NGOs and has particular experience in peace and security, nuclear policy and nuclear abolition, climate change, environmental protection, public health, citizen diplomacy, civil rights, social and economic justice, media independence, globalization, corporate accountability and consumer protection issues.

He serves on the board of the Climate Crisis Coalition and of the Alice Curtis Desmond and Hamilton Fish Library, where he founded the "Bringing the Dream Home: Civil Rights and the Hudson Valley" events series, which studies regional and national race issues. He co-founded the Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition of NGOs working to close the Indian Point nuclear power plant, 25 miles north of New York City, in the wake of the 9-11 attacks.

Tiffany Woolf / Publicist & Media Strategist

Tiffany has 20+ years of publicity experience in entertainment, film, lifestyle and public interest communications. She has directed major campaigns with leading entertainment properties and attractions including Pixar Animation Studios, Dolby Laboratories, Loews Cineplex Entertainment, HBO, Showtime, Current TV, PBS, WNYC, ITVS and IMAX.

Tiffany has handled PR for numerous documentary films for distribution as well as television documentary programming. She has also created numerous social impact and community engagement campaigns around social justice oriented films. Additionally, Tiffany ran public relations for San Francisco based production company, Citizen Films. Most recently Tiffany has worked on various short form web based series and podcasts. She has also worked at numerous film festivals including handling national publicity for the San Francisco International Film Festival, their regional public relations, publicity for the San Francisco Green Film Festival, celebrity programming and special guest programming at the TriBeCa Film Festival and publicity and marketing for the Bay Area Children's Film Festival.

Kathleen Sweeney / Social Media and Digital

Kathleen is a multimedia content producer and consultant working at the intersection of multimedia, social media and social change. She has produced multimedia content for Matthieu Ricard’s book Altruism Revolution, Garrison Institute, and Random House/Delacorte, and has consulted nonprofits on best practices in social media, audience engagement, analytics, video effectiveness and brand messaging. Recent projects include a social media campaign for the 17th Karmapa, which boosted the Buddhist teacher's Facebook audience from 160,000 to 500,000 in six months, and a Kickstarter campaign for The Dalai Lama Film documentary, which garnered 171% funding.


Rob is a professional videographer, editor, and AV technician. Has produced videos for numerous businesses, performers, as well as  government and religious organizations, including The New York State Democratic Party, The Council on Foreign Relations, Coach Inc., PEI Magazine, Congregation Emanu-El of New York, and the LeFrak Organization.

John DiLeva Halpern / VIDEO

John DiLeva Halpern is a international filmmaker and award winning artist. He writes, directs and produces documentary films like JOSEPH BEUYS/ TRANSFORMER, REFUGE and TALKING WITH THE DALAI LAMA, and interactive-art events worldwide, like BREATHSCULPTURE, SMOKESCULPTURE, FRESH AIR, and the Swiss prize winning, ALPS. He's worked for Swiss TV, ARTE, and New York 1. He's created works featuring the Dalai Lama, Martin Scorsese, Oliver Stone, and exhibited and worked with Warhol, Beuys, Christo, Les Levine and others. Halpern owns MDS PRODUCTIONS, a New York production and post-production company serving producer/directors, foundations, industry and culture. WAKING BUDDHA, his latest work in progress, is about the meditation movement and today's consciously engaged culture for a sustainable future.