Josh Baran has worked with some impressive people over the years, and they've said some really glowing things about him.


“Over 14 years as writing religion for Time Magazine, Josh Baran again and again proved both an invaluable contact and a master conceptualizer. Whether it was arranging coverage of the Dalai Lama and the young Tibetan leader Karmapa; providing invaluable background for Time’s 1997 cover story on Buddhism; helping conceptualize another cover story in 2003 on meditation; parsing religion-political issues in light of his early experience in that field; or discussing the sacred use of psychoactive drugs, he was both a master connector and a master instructor, opening up worlds and narratives unguessed at prior to his picking up the phone.”
— David Van Biema, former religion writer, Time Magazine

“Josh Baran is a perceptive strategic thinker who understands the media and anticipates their needs. When Josh pitches an idea, his media sources listen because he has such a keen eye for newsworthy stories. Always a consummate professional, Josh is a pleasure to work with even on deadline."
— Patricia King, former San Francisco bureau chief, Newsweek Magazine; now chief communications officer, Half the Sky Foundation

“Even before the Internet and Facebook, before Twitter and Instagram, there was a sure-fire way to get a story out. All you had to do was hire Josh Baran to spread the word. When I was an editor at Time Magazine, Josh introduced me to some of my most valuable sources of information, particularly on environmental issues. No one is more plugged into the media world. And with the new tools of the Digital Age, he's more effective than ever.”
— Charles Alexander, former international editor, Time Magazine

“Josh Baran is the most skillful and interesting communications expert I have ever worked with. As a journalist for 10+ years in the Los Angeles bureau of Time,  I was never out of touch with him for long, not only because he represented the most fascinating and newsworthy people and issues of the day, but because he did it with deep understanding and insight into the journalistic process. In a town overflowing with public relations people, I always trusted Josh, and every journalist in town felt the same way. He was the go-to person for background perspective and counsel on what was going down. He has integrity, passion about his projects and a generosity of spirit that is unequaled.  He is the best — as a communications expert and as a person.”
— Jeanne McDowell, former Time Magazine journalist; now senior editor/writer, Writers Guild of America, West

“Josh Baran has his finger on the pulse of today’s media environment. In my capacity of executive producer of Oprah’s 'Soul Series,' I would rely on him for guidance and sage advice when it came to seeking out and vetting exciting new talent and thought leaders. I booked Josh, himself, as a guest on the program based on his insights and his exceptional credentials. Josh Baran is a one of a kind, the very best kind.”
— Corny Koehl, former vice president, executive producer, Oprah Radio and former co-executive producer, OWN Super Soul Sunday

“Josh Baran stands alone in the world of publicity. When I get an email from him, I immediately open it with actual anticipation, because he is always sending an idea, a book or a client that is thoughtful, relevant and smart. On separate occasions I've told him I was brainstorming and he'll send me lists of websites or conferences or books I was able to mine for all kinds of topics. When I am working on a smart segments or important discussions, Josh Baran is one of the first people I will call for guests and ideas. He is a gem.”
— J. J. Miller, former executive at Oprah Magazine and Oprah Radio, former deputy executive producer at HuffingtonPost Live

"I have known and worked with Josh for over three decades. Whether it is a political campaign, a film opening or a request to interview the Dalai Lama, Josh has always provided professional, honest and straightforward guidance. And, he not only knows a good story when he sees one, he knows how to let journalists do their jobs after he pitches it. Some years ago, when I was working with Dan Rather, Josh arranged for us to interview the Dalai Lama in India as part of a two-hour special on the intersection of meditation and neuroscience. He brought us to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to film Tibetan lamas having their brains scanned in the lab."
— Sally Garner, national news producer

“It’s not many publicists whose clients have ranged from the Dalai Lama to Paul Verhoeven’s Showgirls (Josh was handling the controversy over the rating). Mostly I think of Josh as a social activist wearing the guise of a PR guy. He helped put together and then managed the publicity for the Rainforest Foundation fundraiser that had  Springsteen and Paul Simon performing. He handled the media for all the Pediatric AIDS Foundation benefits for years with every major star in Hollywood attending. One year, former President Reagan showed up and I had the chance to ask him if he regretted not doing more about AIDS during his administration and he began his answer by saying, ‘Of course that was when it was invented.’ USA Today chose not to use the quote.”
— Bill Higgins, entertainment writer, the Hollywood Reporter; formerly Variety, the Los Angeles Times and other publications

"Josh Baran is our go-to guy when it comes time to get the message of mindfulness and meditation into the world. He understands both mindfulness and media from the inside out, and can deliver a broad message with nuance, integrity, and popular appeal.”
— James Gimian, publisher, Mindful magazine and


“Josh Baran’s strategic thinking coupled with his media savvy and long experience make him uniquely suited for any task in the greater PR realm that calls for an extraordinary set of skills. This was certainly the case when we worked together in full crisis management mode at Warner Records during the Ice-T 'Cop Killer' contretemps that was a media/public opinion flashpoint of truly significant dimension.”
— Bob Merliss, former SVP at Warner Records

“One of the most controversial film ever released was Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation of Christ. As head of Universal Pictures, I brought Josh Baran and his team on board to manage the growing crisis. This became a huge project as the studio came under serious attack by fundamentalists. Josh's work included developing the full strategy, handling the voluminous media attention, developing full-page ads, and building third-party support. Worlds were colliding and freedom of artistic expression was at stake. Josh also trained a team of thirty crisis professionals who defended local theaters against over 250 physical attacks. Josh kept his Zen calm through it all, providing invaluable guidance. We survived the tempest and made some film history in the process.  For many years, there was only one crisis manager in Hollywood and that was Josh.”
— Tom Pollock, former chairman, Universal Pictures

“Josh is the marketer we went to when we needed someone who could be counted on to think about a situation a bit differently because he has simply never been limited to the same structures and practices that are considered 'the norm' in the entertainment industry. Each time we consulted with him his work proved to be incredibly effective. Armed with his unique approach and a vast contact list, he provided enormous support when Universal released the highly controversial The Last Temptation of Christ. When we petitioned the MPAA for a new NC-17 rating for the film Henry and June, he lobbied successfully on our behalf. His work on Do the Right Thing and American Me helped us manage complexities and controversies as well as communicate effectively with our core audiences in a peaceful and understanding way.”
— Sally Van Slyke, former SVP of marketing, Universal Pictures

“Josh came into the film world through his work as a social change activist. He was one of the first publicists to realize that films, both documentary and fictional features, could be centerpieces for mass education and catalysts for progress. He mastered the art of jumping films from the entertainment pages to the front page and into the national news. He is accomplished at managing complex and controversial issues, because of his broad experience working on all kinds of issues and projects from climate change to public health to human rights. I’ve worked on many projects with Josh and it’s always a joy.”
— Paula Silver, former president of marketing and publicity, Columbia Pictures

“I had the great fortune to work closely with Josh Baran during my years at Warner Bros. Records and A&M Records, and found him to be a superb public relations strategist.  At Warner Brothers, we had a true PR crisis when Ice T released the protest song “Cop Killer” commenting on the now very relevant topic of police brutality towards black men. President Bush and Vice President Quayle, and various police departments around the country attacked Warner, demanding the album be pulled. Josh provided invaluable help in getting our side of the story out and providing context (for instance the song was in part a response to the police beating of Rodney King, mentioned in the lyrics.)  For Warners, this was First Amendment issue, and without Josh’s help I don’t know that we would have been able to withstand the media storm. In addition, Warner Music Group / Atlantic Records / Interscope engaged Josh to help manage a crisis growing around Tupac Shakur and a murder case in Texas.  In both the film and music industries, Josh was the only crisis manager for many years.  On a more positive side, while at A&M Records I worked with Josh, who headed up the media outreach for the “A Very Special Christmas” album which got huge press attention and then spawned a series of follow up albums, ultimately raising over $100 million for the Special Olympics. I can’t recommend Josh more highly.”
— Jeff Gold, Former Executive VP and General Manager, Warner Bros. Records

“Josh Baran is a very special man. He was a strategist before that became a buzz word. He has the unique ability to analyze a film, political situation, a cause, and know how to present it, read his audience and develop a plan for his projects. I first worked with Josh Baran when he ran communications for the California Nuclear Freeze campaign in 1982. I was President of Rogers and Cowan, the mega entertainment PR firm, in New York City and Paul Newman was one of my longtime clients. Paul’s big cause was focused on ending the nuclear arms race and Josh was working with Paul closely on the campaign. After the campaign, Warren Cowan and I hired Josh as a consultant to manage the publicity for Celebrate America, the Democratic Party telethon that aired on NBC with Paul Newman, Mary Tyler Moore, Mohammad Ali, and Jack Lemmon. We became close friends after that and I watched his career grow. His work on the television film The Day After was frankly astonishing. He soon founded his own firm on the beach in Venice, California. For years, he handled the publicity for most of the good cause events in Hollywood and worked with many of the top stars from Meryl Streep to Arnold Schwarzenegger to Sting. He soon developed an expertise in both documentaries and fictional feature films that had controversial content, working for nearly all the big studios and independent distributors including Universal, Warners, MGM/UA, Fox Searchlight, Miramax, Lionsgate, Paramount, and others. Josh has an excellent grasp of complex issues. His campaign for The Last Temptation of Christ was consider the prime example of how to handle a complex film and a studio under fire. Many people copied his playbook. It still stands as the bible for issue films. Josh introduced me to the amazing Elizabeth Glazer soon after she found out that she and her children were infected with AIDS. For many years Josh and I worked together for the Pediatric AIDS Foundation, pro bono, and handled media — from 60 Minutes to the cover of People to interviews with Diane Sawyer. We introduced her to Bill and Hillary Clinton before the election and because of that connection, Elizabeth spoke at the Democratic Convention in New York. After her death, we continued to be involved with foundation. I continue to this day, more than 30 years after we met, to ask for his advice and guidance.”
— Kathie Berlin, legendary publicist

“Some publicists get press clips and some help spur movements. Josh was the latter. As a first-time filmmaker, I found Josh's insight and support invaluable for navigating the media landscape. He not only secured national press coverage for my education documentary "Race to Nowhere" (including spots on the Today Show and CBS Evening News), but he also shared the media savvy I needed to turn those opportunities into game-changers for my advocacy efforts.”
— Vicki Abeles, Director of Race to Nowhere

“When it comes to dealing with controversy and crisis communications, Josh is the entertainment industry’s go-to guy.  He is a brilliant and highly collaborative partner in developing and implementing media and messaging strategies to help filmmakers and film marketers navigate through highly explosive minefields of every issue imaginable, from environmental to moral to socio-economic."
— Jeffrey Sakson, CEO Sakson Communications, former Senior Vice President at both Participant Media and Universal Pictures

“Josh was an early powerful pioneer in the 1980s of what has now become a global force for documentary and change. He was an early supporter of my work turning Trembling Before G-d from movie to movement and he has promoted, galvanized, and shepherded countless films and directors with super smart strategic thinking and deep human wisdom. It is no surprise that the world catches up to Josh."
— Sandi Dubowski, filmmaker

“I have known Josh for so many years I don't dare to count them. His grasp of issues, publicizing movies dealing with social issues is extraordinary, deeper and broader than the "social networking" that is so discussed today.”
— Sydney Levine, film expert and founder of SydneysBuzz

“Josh Baran invented social outreach marketing and is a thought leader, innovative thinker and master strategist.”
— Geralyn Dreyfous, co-founder of Impact Partners and Founder / Board Chair of the Utah Film Center


“Josh has long been one of the smartest minds in publicity and among the best connectors of smart, influential people. When it comes time to launch a project, I greatly value his advice.”
— Sam Harris, author of 5 New York Times bestsellers, including The End of Faith and Waking Up

“When it comes to bringing my work to the attention of a wider public, Josh Baran is my go-to guy. And not just for me: He’s done the same for the Dalai Lama, for mindfulness and meditation in many forms, and a wide range of notables. Josh knows his stuff.”
— Daniel Goleman, bestselling author of Emotional Intelligence, and many other books

"When I think of someone who's connected to everyone, the first name that comes to mind is Josh Baran. Josh is astute, knowledgeable, experienced, and hands-on, he does his homework, he's frank with his opinions, he always works for the good of his client, and he's always open to the wisdom of the moment."
— Byron Katie, best-selling author and creator of The Work of Byron Katie

"One could call Josh Baran a communications and public relations professional, but I call him a genius. Whether you are launching a social movement, promoting a film, presenting the Dalai Lama, or attempting to change policy, Josh cuts to the heart of the situation to create a media plan that makes sense and pushes the edge. He seems to always have his finger on the pulse of what is relevant culturally and politically. He will exceed your expectations while making no false promises. He has an uncanny ability to make the right media connection at the right time. There is no one like Josh Baran.”
— Susan Piver, New York Times bestselling author

"Josh is my undercover unspin doctor. Whenever I’m wondering what they’ll think, I rely on Josh, wise councilor in a field dominated by hype artists.”
— Michael Katz, book agent

“I have known Josh for 25 years. I deeply appreciate how he brings his Zen experience into this professional life. He is savvy, straightforward, and effective. He was very helpful to me in launching my early books, one of which sold over 500,000 copies. Over the years, I have seen him provide essential guidance to many authors, spiritual leaders, and non-profit organizations. He is a master at launching individuals and movements. I am very grateful how much time and effort he has donated in service to Tibetan lamas and his push to have meditation and mindfulness go mainstream.”
— Lama Surya Das, Buddhist leader and best-selling author

“Josh’s creativity and bold insight are a treasure. We worked together in 2006 on the publication of Light on Life, the last book of the great yoga master, B.K.S. Iyengar.  Josh was the driving force behind turning what was first planned as a rather conventional book tour into a national event where thousands of people in many cities came to see Iyengar.  Josh didn’t think small and was passionate about celebrating the life and vision of the father of yoga in the West. Josh saw the book as a centerpiece for a much bigger effort. It worked. I learned about my own business, and about how to think about expansion and visibility in a completely different way. Not to mention, he’s also funny and a genius…”
— Stephanie Tade, book agent

“Josh tells the truth, with warmth and humor, and with his feet on the ground. It comes across; everyone knows it. So his enormous relational wealth is authentic and deep. He then brings savvy, integrity, professionalism and wisdom to everything he does. And that gets amazing results, which makes working with him a lot of fun.”
— Terry Patten, author, Integral Life Practice

“Josh has helped authors bring their wisdom and insights to wider audiences, into the mainstream, and onto bestseller lists for decades. He has done so with passion, focus, and authenticity.”
— Linda Loewenthal, book agent

“I’ve known and worked with Josh Baran for three decades. If you’re looking for the smartest guy in the room with a 'Rolodex' that a Who’s Who of the Planet, Josh is your man.”
— Victor Davich, author of the Amazon bestseller, 8 Minute Meditation


"I've worked with Josh over the years on varieties of projects: connecting consumer brands to social media influencers, branding renewable energy companies and doing media relations work for documentary films. There is no project or client that Josh cannot help elevate. He is a veritable fountain of ideas, creative new approaches and always ready to connect people with his networks to help share powerful stories."
— Steve Smith, ACLU, Associate Director of Strategic Communications

“You couldn't find a more eloquent, passionate champion than Josh Baran. He has an extraordinary vision and integrity -— combined with masterful skills as a storyteller that make him a dream advocate for any cause. He's strategic, innovative, and tireless in his efforts. Those of us who've worked with him are in awe of his wisdom and deep devotion to his projects — which he leads with a true 'change the world' mindset. From my first days with him on The Last Temptation of Christ project to the release of the ground-breaking pesticide report from the Natural Resources Defense Council, I watched a fine mind at work.”
— Shana Weiss, former staff member, Josh Baran & Associates

“It was an honor being a VP on Josh’s team when his firm was based on the west coast. It's decades later and Josh retains his stellar reputation as one of the most strategic minds in the business. He’s also phenomenally creative, has a wonderful sense of humor and his level of integrity makes him one of the most sought-after people in the public relations and marketing field."
— Carolyn Campbell, Campbell Communications and former staff member of Josh Baran & Associates

“Josh once said to me, 'I never lie to the media; that way I never have to remember things that aren’t true.' Of all the major media coups that Josh has orchestrated over the years, this one accomplishment — of being honest in an industry rife with deception — sets him head and shoulders above any other marketing professional with whom I’ve ever worked. Many years after Josh and I parted ways, I found myself seated next to the bureau chief of the Washington Post at a fundraising event. When he found out I had worked with Josh, he told me, ‘Josh is the one PR person we tell our reporters to go to when they want the straight story. He doesn't bullshit around and he knows everyone.’ Josh's honesty pays off not only in access to the top echelons of the media, he also doesn't burn bridges... people are drawn to his trustworthiness.”
— Prudence Baird, former SVP, Josh Baran & Associates

“I have had the good fortune of having Josh Baran as a mentor and a colleague for over two decades. Along with his many talents and expertise, Josh has an innate way of knowing what does and doesn’t work. I have witnessed Josh navigate the difficult waters of religious fervor by managing the crisis around the film The Last Temptation of Christ. I’ve been a part of large-scope political events such as the Hollywood Women’s Political Committee’s participation in the March for Women’s Rights. Josh treats everyone, from activists and celebrities to politicians and everyday people with great respect, offering generous guidance and strategic support. He stays on top of the latest trends in technology and marketing and approaches each project based on its unique needs.”
— Cathy R Fischer, senior producer, ITVS / Independent Lens

“Josh is a brilliant strategist. He is also efficient, effective and — most importantly — conscious. I was one of the 'associates' at Josh Baran & Associates, back when Josh ran his highly-regarded boutique public relations agency in Venice Beach, CA. It was easy to stay engaged and motivated on the job because he attracted first-class clients. At one point, I represented both Newsweek Magazine and L.A. Weekly at the same time. The establishment and alternative press gravitated to Josh because he's the man! It was one of the best work experiences of my life. He’s the best. He’s also kind and warm, which doesn’t hurt.”
— Carine Fabius, former associate at Josh Baran & Associates, author and art dealer


“I have known Josh Baran since my earliest days in this business. He was an early mentor of mine and gave me a critical piece of advice: create the circumstances for media coverage. I have followed his career since, have read his book and know him as one of the most prodigious, nimble and adept minds in public relations. As a professional in need of the highest level media counsel, I'd say you'd want to have Josh Baran on your side.”
— Henry Eshelman, managing director, Platform Media Group

“Josh Baran.... a master at communications. What hasn't Josh tackled in the world of messaging and strategy? A superb thinker focused on action and results.”
— Paul Costello, communications expert for over 30 years in government, politics, academia and the private sector

“Josh Baran is legendary for working with the authentic spiritual heavyweights of our time — the Dalai Lama for three decades; the father of mindfulness in the west, S.N. Goenka; the father of yoga in the West, B.K.S. Iyengar; the young Tibetan leaders, the 17th Karmapa and Mingyur Rinpoche, and Byron Katie. Over ten years ago, he spent four years lobbying Time Magazine to do a cover story on meditation. And guess what? They did it. Did you see Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes reporting on mindfulness? Well, guess who pitched and pushed that story? Quietly, behind the scenes, Josh has been on the mindfulness case for decades. Mostly, he wasn’t doing this on behalf of any particular client, wasn’t getting paid. He just did it.”
— Thomas Amelio, executive director of the New York Open Center

“Working with Josh was that rare opportunity to do good and do well. He helped shape the message of people shaping the world — working with such luminaries as Hillary Clinton, the Dalai Lama and Al Gore. Josh’s comprehension of public relations and media nudged the planet to a slightly better place and had a profound effect on my understanding of the people in it.”
— Robert Vinson

“Josh is one of the legends of the communications world and has been a personal mentor and advisor of mine throughout my career. He has a unique grasp of what makes the media tick and how to maximize exposure for products and causes.”
— Ty Trippet, longtime communications professional

“Josh Baran is one of the smartest, most creative people I've ever worked with. He brings to his work a moral and ethical lens, a commitment to push harder and think beyond boundaries, and a Rolodex that is unrivaled. Plus, his eyes twinkle when he laughs, which makes working with him a complete joy.”
— Lara Bergthold, principal at RALLY, an issue advocacy firm

“From 1982, when we worked on the Nuclear Freeze campaign in California to this day, Josh is that rare combination of genius and practicality, the calm in the eye of the storm, the one with the answers. He has an uncanny ability to see the whole picture almost immediately, to simplify the complex and always understands when to take the lead and when to support. Always learning, always teaching.”
— Andrea Jepson, former director, Hawaii Autism Foundation

“I have had the privilege of knowing Josh for over three decades since he was a student at Antioch University/West in San Francisco. What many people don’t know about him is that he was a Zen monk for seven years and was fully certified as a teacher, but then gave it up. He left the monastic world for a bigger role in wider world. His Zen training gives Josh a unique foundation of both equanimity and insight that he brings to his work and his life. He has what the Chinese often call chi — energy.  He came to PR because he found he had a natural skill in this area and realized that storytelling through the media could make the world a better place. He was not looking for a big career, but found one, with much of his work clearly focused on harnessing films, television, books, and celebrity fame for social change. For years, if a film star was engaged in efforts to raise money for Pediatric AIDS, save the rainforest, or stop human trafficking, Josh was usually behind the scenes driving the story. In the process, he developed a deep and wide relationship with top media, way beyond what most publicists enjoy. When he calls editors and news producers, he is not hyping, but celebrating and it is genuine. Josh's sincerity honesty, and commitment are his greatest assets and his work has been invaluable to the causes and individuals he has helped.”
— Dr. Sanford Rosenberg

“Many years ago, Josh was my consultant at an organization planning to march 5,000 people across the country for nuclear disarmament. Problem was, wehadn’t recruited many marchers and the deadline was drawing near. Josh suggested that we 'pre-create' the march and film it as a kind of Public Service Announcement (PSA). But no one watches PSA's, right? But here was the genius of it: Josh suggested that we pepper the mock march with celebrities, which would then make the filming of the PSA itself a national story. This all happened, and it's how Josh and I found ourselves stuck in a limousine with Madonna and Rosanna Arquette while literally hundreds of extras and paparazzi swarmed menacingly around us. Many of Hollywood’s young celebrities marched along with us. We got huge media coverage. It all worked out, too, as a result of Josh's crazy-brilliant-singular vision. Bottom line: When you have a seemingly insurmountable challenge and aren't sure there is a successful way forward, do what Josh says. With one caveat. You must record every brainstorming session you have with Josh, because once the Josh-lightning strikes, he never remembers a thing he's said.”
— Raphael Cushnir, best-selling author and former activist publicist

“I spent the better part of 1983 working side-by-side with Josh as he invented, and executed what some have called one of the most unusual and successful PR campaigns in history. My role was to help carry out Josh's inspired plans which generally involved a lot of copying (both paper and VHS tapes), collating, labeling, shipping, note taking and all the other things one did in the pre-internet days of running PR and organizing campaigns. Apart from the life-long lessons Josh taught me about how to create action and results, from ideas and inspiration, one day at a time. Like a modern day Paul Revere, Josh sounded the klaxon as a call-to-action, and opportunity, for all of those working for peace and an end to the Cold War. Part visionary, part activist, part PR savant but always 100% committed and focused on helping people clearly see positive options in the face of global and local threats, Josh Baran nearly invented the practice of cause-related marketing. Decades later, organizations like Participant Media are applying some of the very same techniques of connecting real-world activism and policy work with movies and media events that call people to action instead of idle outrage.”
— Mark Graham, former SVP of NBCUniversal News Group

"Josh Baran is one of the smartest media guys around. His decades of experience and savvy can't be topped; his professionalism is exemplary — and he's a lot of fun! I've loved working with Josh over the years — you will too!"
— Rory O’Connor, President, Globalvision

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Josh Baran on naming, messaging and branding for various projects over the years. From technology and education to non-profit and entertainment, I have seen firsthand how Josh’s unique insights, both creative and strategic, have made all the difference in taking things where they needed to go.”
— Jason Byers, marketing maven

“In the twenty years I've known Josh, he's worked in technology and mindfulness, he's worked on PR and communication strategies for movements, films, and for spiritual leaders, celebrities, and authors, including the Dalai Lama, the Karmapa, Dan Goleman, Andrew Weil, and Byron Katie. Josh has made significant contributions to the progress integrative medicine and mindfulness/meditation practices have made into the mainstream conversation.”
— Linda Stone, former senior executive at Apple and Microsoft, visionary

“Josh Baran is the best communications strategist I know. He represents the best and the brightest, from the Dalai Lama to Bill Gates.Josh is a master of bringing brilliant big ideas to life and a magician for the greater good.”
— Maureen O’Sullivan, Disney Interactive Legal Affairs, Walt Disney Studios

“I have known Josh Baran for many years. Through my previous work with him, I know him to be a consummate professional who has a strong vision that is articulated into an effective strategic plan to lead any project to success. His communications skills and experience with marketing and messaging are second to none. Clients and colleagues all admire his calming personality and sage advice.”
— Joyce Aboussie, CEO, Aboussie and Associates

“Josh Baran is a top publicist and I highly recommend him. He is incredibly connected, secures outstanding media and he's a lot of fun. I always look forward to an opportunity to work with him!”
— Beth Grossman, Makes Things Happen

“Josh Baran and I worked together on a number of public relations and marketing campaigns for issues and non-profit organizations over the ten years we both were in Los Angeles. A remarkable characteristic, often missing in communication consultants, is Josh’s ability to strategically develop and conduct an entire campaign from beginning to conclusion according to his client’s most sophisticated needs. This ability combined with Josh’s vast reservoir of media contacts makes him a formidable ally — and a public relations professional I unqualifiedly recommend for any organization’s communications requirements.”
— Linda Hunt, executive director, Foothill Cultural District, Salt Lake City;  former SVP at Rogers & Associates

"I first worked with Josh Baran at the Great Apes Summit that took place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in 2013. I was part of team Josh pulled together to create video and social media content for both the UN's specialist wildlife department GRASP as well as the Arcus Foundation. Josh is extremely well organized and is great at getting the best out of his team. He works well under pressure and comfortably hits every deadline without drama. He is very charismatic and the end product is always polished and of an extremely high quality. Josh's attention to detail makes him a successful operator in this very competitive industry and a joy to have on side."
— Asha Tanna, freelance British journalist/news anchor

“Josh is consistently brilliant in whatever tasks he undertakes: strikingly inventive, painstakingly thorough, and impeccably well organized. But I treasure him most for his deeply human values, his unshakeable integrity, and his invariable kindness.”
— Rande Brown, president, East West Communications; former executive director, Tricycle Foundation, publisher of Tricycle: the Buddhist Review

“In the anxiety-ridden world of public affairs, few people stand with a clear vision of what must be done. As an independent communications consultant and a senior adviser to many of the world's leading personalities, the ever mindful Josh Baran can always be trusted to guide you through the crisis of the day. Time and again I have seen Baran's wise counsel save the day.”
— Christian Sarkar, founder, Double Loop Marketing

“I worked with Josh for over a year on the 2008 U.S. visit of His Holiness the 17th Karmapa. Josh's vision, enthusiasm and dedication were among the driving forces behind the success of the visit, helping to secure a large turnout for public events and generating positive media coverage. His attitude was unflappable and his professionalism apparent in all his work. It was a pleasure to collaborate with him.”
— Dennis Hunter, author

“Josh first brought me in to help with the Dalai Lama's New York visit in 2003 that included managing the huge media turnout for the talk in Central Park. I've had the pleasure to work with him on quite a few projects since. He's a true mentor without trying to be — and with absolutely no expectations. He's shaped my approach to PR more than anyone. And he's just a joy to be around. I love working with Josh.”
— Scott Tillitt, founder of Antidote Collective and BEAHIVE, co-founder and board chair of Re>Think Local

"Josh is a very sharp, versatile, fast and well connected communicator with his heart in the right place. His extensive experience with mindfulness has given his work a special depth both in the commercial and NGO sectors from which many of his varied clients have benefited. He's a great guy to work with, sometimes too smart for his own good, but never without a biting sense of humor."
— Stephan Burckhardt, managing partner, Versio2 Digital Marketing

“Josh Baran is unquestionably the most Buddhist-oriented communications guru on the planet. His understanding of the need for kalayanamitra (true friends), in our wish to develop personal insight and engender social change as models that everyone should hear about is unprecedented.”
— Matt Weiner, Associate Dean, Office of Religious Life, Princeton University

"I’ve worked with Josh several times over the last 20 years and each time it is a pleasure, and each time I learn from him. We connected when we were both involved in the intersection of Hollywood and politics. His counsel was always wise, his contacts were always significant and his execution of strategy was always incredibly effective. We've worked together several times since then — on projects ranging from the totally fun and smooth to the totally thorny and difficult. But as always, his counsel is wise and I learn from him. I look forward to the next collaboration."
— Marlene Saritzky, principal, MSS Associates


“Josh and I worked closely on the June 2015 tour for Matthieu Ricard’s book, Altruism: How Compassion Can Change Yourself and the World. Josh’s extensive connections and big picture thinking helped open doors and we put together major speaking events in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC and New York. It was especially gratifying to see Matthieu in conversation at LinkedIn, Facebook, BlackRock, Google, SalesForce, Stanford Medical School and other special venues. Josh is meticulous in making sure that every aspect of the tour works perfectly, and people enjoy working with him. He has a terrific grasp of both old and new media. Promoting a serious book is not easy these days. I was glad to have Josh as my partner.”
— Vivian Kurz, Karuna-Shechen

"I have worked with Josh Baran over many years. He has been an essential part of the team managing three U.S. visits of the young Tibetan leader, His Holiness, the 17th Karmapa. The Karmapa received terrific media coverage for all his trips due  in large part to Josh’s tireless and careful work with the media. Years even before the first visit in 2008, Josh laid the groundwork that lead to a stellar story and full-page photo in Time Magazine, a major piece in the New York Times and a profile on PBS. Josh is able to navigate often complex and sensitive waters, quickly solve  problems, stay calm and focused, and gets the job done. He brings his own personal spiritual practice into his work and his everyday relationships with everyone he works with.”
— Eric Colombel, Karmapa Foundation

"Josh was so helpful to Operation California/Operation USA in its formative years with introductions to and recruitment of celebrities, but even more important, was his using his own high credibility with them to vouch for our nonprofit group. He instinctively knew how to tell our story to reach the widest audience.”
— Richard Walden, founder of Operation USA

“Thank you for sharing with us your unique connection to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation in celebration of our 25th anniversary. You are an invaluable part of our story and of Elizabeth Glaser’s enduring legacy in the fight against HIV/AIDS.”
— Philip O’Brien, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

"Josh has always been a pioneer in using public relations and media for social change and the greater good. Over the years, I and my team have consulted with him many times for that creative edge that can mean all the difference between success and failure. We have been in the trenches together and consider him a trusted ally in our campaign to end drug insanity.”
— Ethan Nadelmann, executive director and founder, Drug Policy Alliance

“The Mind and Life Institute was founded in 1987 to pioneer high level cross cultural dialogues between the Dalai Lama and modern science. In 1998, after holding seven private dialogues, we expanded our mission to develop new fields of research whereby neuroscientists and clinical scientists would investigate the effects of meditation and other contemplative based practices on brain, behavior and biology. The underlying purpose of this research was to determine if these 'mental and emotional fitness practices' were beneficial for humans, and if so, to establish the public awareness that meditation, yoga and other contemplative based practices are as critical for health and well-being as physical fitness. Hence a critical part of our mission was to share our research findings with the world. Josh Baran played an important and foundational role in telling this story. In 2003, Josh handled the communications for the our first groundbreaking public Mind and Life Dialogue  at MIT, resulting in the Time Magazine cover story on meditation as well as numerous articles in dozens of major outlets. That conference and the coverage shifted the way mediation was seen in the modern world and laid the foundation for the current 'mindfulness revolution.' Josh brings his long personal practice of meditation to his professional work, and has skillfully helped us promote the work of the Institute and other organizations for decades. Just recently, Josh was behind the 60 Minutes piece with Anderson Cooper attending a mindfulness retreat. I cannot thank Josh enough for his enormous contribution to this work and to the world. He has an uncanny ability to understand the core of any mission and find impactful ways to get the story out and understood.”
— R. Adam Engle, co-founder and chair/CEO emeritus of the Mind and Life Institute

“Josh Baran and his associate Juli-anne Whitney were indispensable in helping us promote our HBO documentary Hard Times: Lost On Long Island. Josh and his team know how to connect a project to current news and all the major media outlets. They are a pleasure to work with and can be invaluable in getting your film the attention it needs to break through."
— Marc Levin, film producer

"Josh Baran is one of the most brilliant, creative minds in the media business. Totally connected, there is no one I would rather work with on a media campaign.”
— Herndon Graddick, former president of GLAAD

"Josh is tremendously adept at identifying, engaging in, and maximizing the impact of media outreach opportunities for our speakers (Peace is Loud). He has a keen sense of how to best structure narratives that tell the stories of the incredible work our speakers do, and of how can we best reach the audiences that most need to hear these stories."
— Angie Wang, Peace is Loud

“Josh Baran is truly one-of-a-kind. I had the great pleasure of working with him on the two Dalai Lama events in Central Park with hundreds of thousands of people in attendance. He spearheaded the monumental task of handling all press with over 600 media outlets onsite — it was a sight to behold. Josh has a soulful, creative and visionary approach to every project he takes on and has my highest praise!”
— Jennifer Greenfield, former executive cirector of the Gere Foundation and Healing the Divide

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Josh in setting up the Oracle New Media Division where we successfully set up partnerships with the key major media, film and content firms in LA and NY.  Josh was instrumental in putting together our strategy and opening doors to the top people to form alliances which launched our business on a large scale. Josh is one of the best in the business!"
— Terry Garnett, former SVP, Oracle

“As a serial entrepreneur, I am always looking for great people to work with. Josh Baran is one of those people. He is professional, creative and remarkably intuitive about how to reach an audience and understands environmental issues and movements. At Qteros, Josh helped rename the company and brand the microbe we were engineering. It was Josh’s suggestion to call Clostridium phytofermentans simply 'the Q microbe' referencing its origin near the Qabbin reservoir in Massachusetts. Who brands microbes? It was brilliant positioning that captured the imagination of the press and resulted in national coverage including major pieces in the Washington Post and New York Times. I'm looking forward to working with Josh on the next project!”
— Jef Sharp, former CEO of Qteros and current CEO of Qnect