"If you loved The Power of Now, this book is for you.  This is the first time that such wisdom has been drawn together from so many thrillingly diverse sources.  Both fun to read and transformational."  — Raphael Cushnir, author of Setting Your Heart on Fire
"Read this -- Now! In his just published book, Josh Baran delivers a daily wake-up call from the world's great thinkers, celebrated and obscure."  — O the Oprah Magazine (November, 2003)
"Everyday Nirvana. At last: A seeker's guide to the end of seeking..." — Tricycle, the Buddhist Review (Winter, 2003)
"In this non-sectarian, wake-up now spirit, Baran presents us with readings from traditions and non-traditions. There's one for every day of the year and we can take it in before we have finished our morning beverage. "   — Shambhala Sun (November 2003)
"This collection is the very compilation of teachings that has been sorely missed up until now in spiritual literature. It is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in finding peace in the present moment."  —Sharon Salzberg, author and Buddhist teacher
“Josh Baran gives you 365 ways to say ‘I love you’ to reality. What a delight!” —Byron Katie, author of Loving What Is
“Josh Baran finds jewels of light from all the world's spiritual traditions and weaves a radiant web that grabs the mind in its flight and infuses it with spontaneous knowing.”  —Krishna Das, musician
"This book is a treasury of wisdom that brings us to a deeper understanding of how being present—of living in the present moment—allows us to experience life more fully and brings us contentment in our everyday lives."  —Rodney Yee, author of Yoga: The Poetry of the Body
“Josh Baran’s book is just what is needed in this time of spiritual confusion—a clear and direct reminder that what we seek is always present.”  —Susan Piver, author of How not to be Afraid of Your Life
"This book is for everyone who wants to be free and happy, here and now.  This is a profound and exciting collection of wisdom that you can read every day."   —Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul®
"Whether you are on a spiritual path or are simply looking for inspiration, this wonderful treasury offers 365 days of wisdom that will last for a lifetime.  —Lama Surya Das, Buddhist teacher and author
“This is diversity at its best, shining facets of wisdom, each brilliant with its own intensity. Thanks Josh for the care you give to precious things.”   —Helen Palmer, author of The Enneagram
“Perhaps the best compilation of short wisdom teachings in print—the one spiritual book to keep on your nightstand. To put together a contemporary collection such as this requires an editor like Josh Baran, who recognizes from his own direct experience the most timeless spiritual truths.”  —Catherine Ingram, author
“This exquisite handbook for enlightenment contains more distilled power, wisdom, and truth than anything I've read in years. No religion, no guru, no boundaries, no practice—merely the essential teaching of liberation here and now, radical in its global scope, transcendent in simplicity.  This book will change lives."  —Mark Matousek, author of Sex Death Enlightenment
"This is not your father's spiritual compendium or just another book of pithy quotations playing to the sentimental and easy-reading crowd. Josh Baran has put together a fresh, intelligent compilation of wisdom. All the quotes point to the awakened life and the pleasures that lie within it. Take one a day, and stay healthy and happy." —Wes Nisker's review in Inquiring Mind
“The right words at the right time can pierce our protections like an arrow.  This book is full of deadly, life-giving arrows.  Open it at any page and be ready to die to who you thought you were.”  —Roger Housden, author of Ten Poems to Change your Life and Ten Poems to Open Your Heart
"A wise and discriminating collection that points infallibly to what is true.  I never want to be without these teachings!" —Kate (Lila) Wheeler, author of When Mountains Walked
"I found this work to be deeply profound and immediately usable. Each day I read a bit and simply savor how the words resonate within me. I've been moved, again and again. This is an awesome daily reader for anyone desiring to open to the reality of the moment. I highly recommend it."—Shannon Duncan, author of Present Moment Awareness (from amazon.com review)
 “At the end of the day, I often search my bookshelves for a spiritual companion to take to bed with me, a book brimming with authentic realization that will help me release the weariness of the day and re-establish my own true nature...This is that book. Deliciously cross-cultural, a feast of non-duality, this is the book to wake up with!" —Alex Grey, artist and author of Sacred Mirrors
“Josh's collection is the ultimate hit parade of ageless wisdom and timeless presence.   Save yourself thousands of bucks by not buying thousands of books.  It's all HERE!”   —Victor Davich, author
"Helpful for anyone interested in the depth of spiritual experience.  This collection will have a very broad appeal since it reflects the full range of world spirituality. This is a great gift to any spiritual seeker—from beginners to those who have explored the depths of their souls."  —Loch Kelly

"Western ideas of wellness concentrate on fixing, adding, patching, and medicating.  What joy to find that the answers are here all along for us to rediscover and begin all over again.  I recommend this book to anyone striving to optimize their life.” —Joseph E. Siegler, MD, founder of Full-Life Centers, Chicago, Illinois
“This is a magnificent book! He has assembled a collection of spiritual jewels …all harmonizing into One Voice. Each entry shifts attention to right now, dispels all ideas about distant goals and future attainments, and points to the obvious. This is a book that can be dipped into again and again, and never be exhausted. Enlightening and enlivening, free of dogma and beyond belief -- utterly simple and direct. Very highly recommended.”  —Joan Tollifson, author of Bare-Bones Meditation and Awake in the Heartland
"A collection of very short readings from diverse sources, each containing the kernel of non-dual essentiality. This would make a fine gift for yourself and others. It will appeal to long time nondualists as well as those who have just read The Power of Now and are looking for the next nondual title geared to the mass audience." —Jerry Katz, www.nonduality.com